We'll make this quick and painless, as it only really deserves about 30 seconds of your time.

Lions center Dominic Raiola told the Detroit Free Press that it's "disrespectful" to discount, not have faith in, knock or doubt his 4-5 football team.



I'm not so sure it's disprespectful, because at the season's start, the Lions acted like they already won something after posting a 10-6 record and boasting an apperance in the playoffs in 2011.

The slow starts were indicative of Detroit's lack of hunger. Ten wins were good. Back to mediocrity, fellas.

Anyhow, here's what Raiola said of the naysayers, those malicious non-believers.

"I think what makes me upset more is people are writing us off because of whatever. But then the Saints are 4-5 and they’re right in the hunt. How the (bleep) does that work out? I don’t know. Whatever. We’re 4-5, too. So they’re basically writing us off...

...“It’s disrespectful. I mean, whatever though. I feel like we’ve got to prove it though. We’ve got to start winning national TV games, we’ve got to start winning big games. Like this is a big game. We’ve got to start winning those I think to be talked about in the same (breath as the) 4-5 Saints. They’re 4-5 just like us, but we want to be talked about like that we’ve got to start winning games.”

Well, the Saints have won a Super Bowl and have one of the greatest quarterbacks the game has seen in Drew Brees. The Saints can run the ball, too. The Saints-Lions comparison holds not one ounce of water.

But thanks for trying, Dom.

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