Now that was a Thanksgiving Day ripping.

Matter of fact, it'd be hard to top the tongue-lashing CBS anchors Boomer Esiason and Shannon Sharpe hit Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh with during halftime of the Lions-Houston Texans Thanksgiving clash.

Even the oft-quiet Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino took a little jab.

With the offense clicking and the Lions leading 21-14, Esiason, a former Cincinnati Bengals star quarterback, recalled Suh kicking Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin.

That kick overshadowed an otherwise efficent and productive first half for Detroit's offense.

It didn't appear intentional, unlike Suh's prior incidents with current Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (thrice) and Green Bay Packers offensive linemen Evan Dietrich-Smith (last Thanksgiving).

However, upon further review, Esiason essentially reinforced the notion of Suh being the league's dirtiest player, saying he'd "never shake hands with that guy," due to a violation of the NFL brotherhood -- and that violation is one of personal conduct ethics, and how they relate to never intentionally hurting a fellow player.

Esiason said he'd shake hands with former NFL tough guys Bruce Smith and Reggie White, both Hall of Famers, but never Suh. Smith and White are among the greatest defenders in NFL history. They were known for their mean streaks, but respected for their play -- they didn't go headhunting like Suh.

Sharpe, a former Denver Broncos tight end, shared a similar opinion with his colleague, saying Suh most certainly -- and purposely -- went for Schaub's groin.

At first glance, the play happened so quickly, it was hard to tell if momentum didn't carry Suh's left foot toward Schaub's zone. After a couple replays, it's (almost) clear that it was intentional.

We'll have to await Suh's excuse for this one.

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