Jason Hanson was born to kick, apparently.

And as Greg Eno so eloquently pointed out, Hanson has been one of two full-time Lions kickers since the Jimmy Carter Era.

Eno writes about Hanson in a great column posted on www.gregeno.com. Give it a read.

Here's a sample to whet your appetite for Sunday Hanson columns:

Hanson is not only not a football player; he’s an exception to the rule.

Few kickers in league history have enjoyed the job security that Hanson has since 1992 with the Lions.

More times than you can count, the shelf life of an NFL kicker is shorter than a gallon of milk. It’s the ultimate what have you done for me lately? job in sports. Kickers make hockey goalies look as entrenched as Supreme Court Justices.

A kicker can find himself in several training camps—in one month. He can be signed on a Thursday, flown in on a Friday, kicking in a game on Sunday and, if the wind doesn’t go his way or the laces aren’t spun just right or the snap is a little low, can be back in his hometown on Monday night, jobless yet again.

Have leg, will travel.

I included a video of Hanson's "tackle" on Chicago Bears KR Devin Hester. Kickers are football players, too.

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