On drafting Ndamukong Suh second overall: "Great player, better person, very disruptive, very productive. He's the kind of guy that makes the people around him better and we're very excited to have him join our team. He's going to be a great player for us."

On whether there was the same type of consensus on making this decision as there was in selecting QB Matthew Stafford: "Absolutely - exactly the same feeling in the room as we had last year with Stafford. Everybody is on board; everybody feels great about this player and we have the exact same feel as last year."

On whether there were any calls trade-wise: "We had some conversations yesterday and today, but at the end of the day, to have the opportunity to get a player like Ndamukong Suh is something that you just can't pass up. He was too good to pass up."

On whether the fan sentiment for Suh played into the decision: "No, it did not. We made the best decision for this organization, for this football team and it's kind of like last year. There was a lot of fan sentiment for (Aaron) Curry and we took Stafford. I think now the fan sentiment is very strong for Matthew. We'll take the best player for us and we trust that it's going to work out that way and the fans will see that when these guys take the field."

On how long ago the decision was made: "I'd say a couple of days ago it was finalized. I think there was a lot of debate back and forth. There was a lot of good options there. We started to narrow it down, it came down to the two defensive players and Ndamukong was the one that we chose."

On how tricky it would have become if St. Louis had selected Suh: "I have no idea. I could care less. I'm excited to have him; I'm excited about where we are right now and I'm looking forward to getting back to work."

On why defensive tackles that have been drafted first or second haven't become stars: "Not my concern at all. Like I said before, you have to believe what you see on film and I saw great things out of this player on film and I feel great about it."

On selected DT Ndamukong Suh:
"It seems like (just) yesterday that I stood up here and talked about Matt Stafford and talked about the consensus that we had for him and how easy of a decision it is to make in the draft room when you have that kind of consensus. We did the same thing this year with Ndamukong. It was a long process and we kept and open mind - and like Martin (Mayhew) was talking about, we were going to make the best decision for this team and tried to be objective along the way, but every step along the way, he was the best player on our draft board. We're very pleased to have him.

"He's a guy that is a multi-dimensional player - we put a premium on that. He's good against the run, he's good against the pass, he's incredibly productive, he's incredibly consistent, and he has a long track record of success. I think that if had come out last year, I'm fairly certain he would have been the top defensive lineman chosen last year also. He's got outstanding character. He's a guy that will help our run defense and our pass defense. He'll help our corners out because we won't have to blitz as much. He'll help our run defense out and help our corners out again because with him up there, it's hard to come off of double-teams and we may not have to spin our safety into the box as much. I couldn't be happier to get a guy like that.

"Like I said, it's just a really comforting feeling in the draft room when you have such consensus at the top of the draft - when you're talking about those top picks and everybody sees the same thing."

On whether Suh reminds him of any other player that he has seen in the NFL in recent years: "Yeah, I think he's unique that way. I don't want to say some of the names that people in our draft room were saying that he reminded them of because this guy hasn't played a game yet, so let's keep it there. I don't want to put that much on him. Let's suffice to say that he's held in very high regard."

On whether he envisions Suh playing both tackle and end: "He has that ability; he did it at Nebraska. You can create matchups, you can move those guys around, that's one of the things that (Kyle) Vanden Bosch has done; he's lined up at tackle, he's lined up at end. That's something that I would anticipate as we get going that he has the ability to do. He's not just a run-plugger inside; he's not just a pass-rusher. He's a great combination of both. When we talk about profiles for a defensive lineman, he hits on just about every point of our profile."

On whether there are any concerns about past injuries: "No, he's an incredibly fast healer. He had a major knee injury three years ago, came back in very quick time and he's been incredibly consistent and hasn't missed time at Nebraska."

On what sets Suh apart from DT Gerald McCoy: "I don't want to compare him to McCoy; we drafted (Suh). We liked everything about (Suh), let's put it that way. He made it an easy pick for us. He's not just a one-year wonder. He's strong; he's good versus the run, good versus the pass; he's tough; he's got good character. Those are all of the things that we liked - and he's very intelligent. He played at a high level; was very productive.

"One thing that falls in a little bit: he has a little bit of the 'it-factor.' Everybody has watched a game and seen him on TV. When you turn a game on, when he's in the game, you saw him dominate the game. That's something that sometimes gets lost when you're watching coach's film. If you're in a hotel somewhere and you're watching the Nebraska game, he's dominating the game. I think that was also part of our consideration."

On whether there was any anxiety while St. Louis was making their pick after they had reached a consensus on Suh: "It was a little bit different than last year. Obviously we knew exactly what we were doing and who were going to get. We didn't have to wait for anything that may change that and obviously we're not in the market for a quarterback, so it was nice when we heard (Sam) Bradford's name called sitting there."

On how defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham reacted: "Gunther? He's sound asleep right now. I told the radio this and I'm going to call Gun out on it because Gun's been around the league since they were wearing leather helmets and he's graded an awful lot of players. He coached the defensive line; he coached some Hall of Fame defensive linemen. When we went through our grades and we were in the draft room, Gunther gave Suh the highest grade in our grading system - you can't grade a guy higher. When you talk about a guy that has the perspective of coaching great players in the past and years and years and years in the NFL, that was pretty strong also. When you're defensive coordinator, guys like that really help because they're hard to block one-on-one. You don't have to scheme something up to win; you can win individual matchups, and we need to get there. Adding guys like Kyle Vanden Bosch and Corey Williams and then adding Suh into that defensive line, I think we have the makings of a strong unit and that could be the strength of our defense."


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