Overrated. Too small. A big fish in a small pond -- those phrases have often been used to describe former Boise State star quarterback Kellen Moore.

Although he wasn't drafted, the Detroit Lions decided to give the kid a shot -- and they're better off for it, if you ask me. Moore is a winner. I've constantly praised him at every turn. I truly believe in his abilities.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz had nice things to say about Moore after the draft. It was the standard "he's going to contribute" talk. What more could Schwartz have said? But now, the Lions are getting to know Moore. And he's impressing Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, who's been around a good quarterback or two.

"Kellen has such a great background, and has such a great command of offensive football already with what we're doing," Linehan told MLive.com's Anwar Richardson. "I think he's had a great (training camp) ... it's been kind of quiet because we don't do a whole lot with the three's, but he's really taken his game to another level from our offseason program and OTAs."

Reading about Moore has been almost as interesting as what he's done -- and hasn't done -- in camp. He struggled during off-season workouts. OK. Not every rookie comes in guns-a-blazing. As soon as writers praised him, they were quick to knock him down and go with the popular trend. It was mind-boggling, actually. It seemed that not many held tight; either they loved Moore or thought he was overhyped -- and then they flip-flopped.

Now, I'm not saying I'm the only one who hasn't waivered. But there have been a lot of writers who have. And I'm not saying Moore will be a superstar. But I am saying -- and have said -- that he has the potential to be a serviceable No. 2 quarterback for Detroit.

It's hard to deny Moore's pedigree. He's a winner. Anyone who's followed college football knows that much. There are some Lions fans that aren't sure about Moore. But be patient. He may not be the second-coming of Matthew Stafford -- or even second behind Stafford -- but Moore has what it takes to manage a game and get the job done if asked.

What more could the Lions expect from an undrafted free agent?

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