I've been in my fair share of press boxes, locker rooms and other sports-related venues and areas.

I've watched games pretty much from everywhere -- couches, stools, beds, cars -- but never during my life, or career, had I watched a Detroit Lions game from a suite at Ford Field.

That all changed Sunday, thanks to my good friend, Herman Moore.

Amidst the excitement of the Lions' 27-23 come-from-behind season-opening win over the St. Louis Rams, I had the pleasure of eating with and holding conversations with Lions legends like Greg Landry, Eddie Murray, and Joe Schmidt.

Ron Rice, whom I've met before, was there with his father, Ron, Sr. Even Lem Barney showed up for a few minutes to grab a bite to eat before being whisked away by his private driver. 

At least I thought it was his private driver.

I'll admit it, I got in fan mode for a few moments. You would have done the same if you were in the presence of such legendary company. Shaking hands with guys who played well before the eras I remember was memorable.

Let's not forget, even guys who write and talk about sports for a living started out as fans. Paying respect to legends and going ga-ga over them is completely different, though.

Lions GM Martin Mayhew was in a suite next door with former Michigan Wolverines basketball star Jalen Rose, I was told. I met up with a couple friends and missed the opportunity to meet those two. Maybe next time.

I was impressed by just how normal and down-to-Earth my company was. Landry and Schmidt, both old-school legends, reminded me of older family members -- kind, genuine and friendly. Rice, as always, was great to talk to, and Murray even took a few minutes to interview with me on camera.

Current players like Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson will surely earn the type of admiration that the aforementioned have. The pair will be stars, and seeing former stars cheer on current stars was a unique experience in itself.

They all belong to the same group, family and fraternity; they're all Lions.

And for one day, I was part of that; treated like one of them and given the same respect they were given.

Hey, I can't complain. All part of the job. I ate a ton of Buffalo wings, drank at least six Sierra Mists and ate the highest-class hotdogs imaginable.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

I owe you one, Herman. Thanks.

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