Monday night's 13-7 loss to the Chicago Bears was enough.

The Detroit Lions are inching into dangerous territory, as it seems that they won't compete with the NFC North-leading Bears for a division title.

Oh, and forget a 10-12 win season. I predicted that the Lions would at least match their 10-6 record from 2011, but everyone is entitled to be wrong from time to time.

I'm admitting that I sipped the Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid a bit more than I should have after seeing the Lions make the playoffs last season.

Reaching the playoffs this year seems like a longshot, and so does a seven- or eight-win season at this point. It's getting ugly, and the offense is mostly at fault.

The Lions defense held the Bears -- who had the second-rated scoring offense entering Monday night -- to just 13 points. Considering the weapons at Chicago's disposal, that was a great showing for the Lions. However, they have a couple options on offense, too -- they just haven't clicked this season.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford is side-arming his way into the basement. Last season, he threw 41 touchdowns and 16 picks. This year, the former Georgia star has just five touchdown passes and six interceptions -- and that's one of the main reasons the Lions are 2-4 through six games.

"A lot (is on me)," Stafford told, referencing Detroit's lackluster start. "Got to play better. I got to play better. There's opportunities for me to do it. I just haven't done it."

Stafford is right; he hasn't used his teammates to his advantage, and the jump-ball throws to Calvin Johnson are becoming predictable and easy to defend. The offensive play calling has been horrific -- how does a professional team that boasts the Stafford-Johnson combo fail to score a touchdown until the closing minutes of the game?

Monday night's 13-7 score was misleading; the Lions were thoroughly dominated -- it felt more like 35-0 than 13-0 as the third quarter melted away. It was clear that the Lions would struggle to put points on the board, especially after a failed goal-line situation that resulted in a fumble after two errant attempts to Johnson in the end zone.

Wake up, Lions. It seems that the preseason hype, all the video game and magazine covers, photo shoots and publicity for simply making the playoffs was enough to satisfy a group of supposedly hungry players.

Since when was being easily satisfied acceptable? Wait, don't answer that.

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