Sure it was.

And you weren't trying to keep a car-crash victim -- that rode in your car, no less -- from getting medical attention.

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndaumkong Suh recently told GQ Magazine that his arm-stomping tirade on Thanksgiving Day against the Green Bay Packers was an accident.

Green Bay's Evan Dietrich-Smith surely believes that one. Just like Saadia Van Winkle probably believes that Suh had her best interest in mind.

Suh continues to be an excuse machine, it seems. On Dec. 3, Van Winkle rode with the former Nebraska star, a ride that put Suh's souped-up Chevy into a light pole -- his own doing, mind you.

He tried to pass a cab, he said.

Sure he did.

Van Winkle suffered facial injuries because of the wreck and is in the midst of a lawsuit against Suh, who allegedly bribed Van Winkle to stay silent about the ordeal.

It's hard to really take anything Suh says seriously these days. We all make mistakes; no one is perfect. I'm certainly not without fault. But Suh's "it wasn't me" story and "it wasn't intentional" talk just makes me laugh.

Here's what he told GQ about Thanksgiving's arm stomp. I suppose he didn't purposely bounce Dietrich-Smith's head off the turf like a basketball, too. (Watch the slow motion video above).

"If you slow down and analyze anything, it's going to look worse in my opinion. It was not intentional. If it was intentional, it could have been a lot worse.

"If I wanted to go out there to hurt somebody, I could hurt somebody. I don't want any part of that." Hurting is too easy. Too obvious. A yawn, in that regard. Beating someone is different from hurting someone. Beating someone, he says, that's the game.

"I mean, if I wanted to hurt you, I'd go for your quarterback. Because me stopping your play is going to frustrate you more than me physically hurting you. Because I'm just that much better than you. That's how I look at it. It's like killing somebody with kindness."

It could have been a lot worse? He could have hurt Dietrich-Smith if he wanted to? Sounds like Suh is still -- clearly, by the way -- in denial. Now, audio would tell a better story, but his words come across as arrogant and self-serving.

He's Ndamukong Suh. And if he wanted to inflict pain, he could have.

Sounds so remorseful, doesn't it?

I was impressed by Suh while he played for Nebraska. I've been impressed with what he's done with, and for, the Lions.

However, I'm not impressed by his lack of self-awareness. He just has to know how he comes off to the public. It's probably in his best interest to never speak of the incident again -- neither one of them, including the car crash (well, until he's in court).

Suh, play football. Just play football. Your attempt at diplomacy and words of "sorrow" are empty reaches to restore your reputation.

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