Not impressed by the Detroit Lions' 31-20 loss Saturday to the Oakland Raiders?

Neither was Lions coach Jim Schwartz.

"There's a couple of things," Schwartz said. "First half there's really two plays. We had 4th-and-goal that we misfire on. Then they have 4th-and-goal that they score on. Flip those plays and we feel a lot different about the first half. Second half was poor; offense, defense, special teams, it was a poor performance in the second half.

"It's disappointing when you get to this point in camp, roster cuts are coming up and guys that are on the bubble, trying to make a good impression. We need to play better than that under those circumstances. There were a lot of guys that didn't play their best."

The Lions secondary wasn't all the great, either. Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer didn't exactly shine, but he was somewhat effective, throwing for 186 yards and completing 17-of-26 throws. He also threw two picks.

But when he was on, he absolutely exposed the holes in the Lions secondary. No question there.

Now 1-2 in the preseason, the only way is up for Detroit... right?

"You won't play your best every single series that you go out, much less every single game," Schwartz said. "There were times we didn't get that done. There were times we moved the ball very well; we were backed up a couple of times and got the ball out. Got the ball on our first drive offensively, moved down, got a score. That was important.

"But just the whole body of work, particularly in this game, we didn't play consistently, and we didn't play as good as we can play. You can go offense, defense, special teams. You can go all three groups. There's still work to be done. We didn't play our best."

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