Lions Need Win Desperately In Week 6



Going into the season, no one could have imagines that the Detroit Lions would be 1-3 going into week six of this season.  They had a great quarterback/receiver duo that could get it done in the air as well as a defense that many feared.  Low and behold, though, they have a losing record and are in desperate need of a win this week against the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles are out for a win after losing to Pittsburg in week 5 though, so this match should be interesting to see play out.

Quarterback Matt Stafford has slowly getting back to his old ways as the season has progressed, but he simply needs to get better.  He has lowered his interceptions over the last few games but has not been able to get touchdowns like he is known for.  Finding a way to get the ball to wide out Calvin Johnson should help him get his team out of the rut they are in so early in the season.  If he cannot get things going and convert more touchdowns in high pressure situations, they could be looking at quite a few more losses on the season.

The pressure should fall on their defense, as well.  Once one of the most feared in the league, now Detroit's D is in the bottom five.  They have allowed over 100 points this year and only managed a measly three turnovers so far on the season.  They need to step it up and find ways to get the ball back for their team.   Luckily for them they will be playing a Michael Vick led Eagles team that is well known for turning the ball over to opposing defenses.  They just need to play sharp and they will get back on track.

The NFL odds have the Lions at +5.5 on the week, which they should be more than capable of covering seeing as how close all of the Eagles games have been this season.  If they want to win, however, they will need big games from both Stafford and the Lions defense.