If the Detroit Lions' last gasp of a drive, 24-20 loss Sunday to the Green Bay Packers wasn't enough for you, get ready to feast on the next bit of great news: Wide receiver Titus Young won't play Thanksgiving -- and is being sent home -- against the Houston Texans for "unacceptable behavior," according to a CBS report.

“When you play a game like football, it's a team sport,” (Lions coach Jim) Schwartz said. “Players have obligations to the team, and Titus hasn't done a very good job of fulfilling those obligations this week and recently.”

Schwartz said that Young had not been suspended from the team, but didn't rule out the possibility of further disciplinary action.

“How [Young's role in with the team] goes with the future is going to depend on his reaction [to being inactive].”


So, if you thought that Schwartz was being a nice guy and giving Young the holiday off to spend with his family, you thought wrong. It's unknown what exactly Young did, but he was suspended earlier this season for suckerpunching teammate Louis Delmas.

Add in an argument between receivers coach Shawn Jefferson and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, and you have a good, old-fashioned pre-Turkey Day drama at hand.

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