The Detroit Lions offense appeared lethargic and flat for most of Sunday's 26-23 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, the defense found ways to cap Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and receiver DeSean Jackson from connecting on the long ball (other than a 30-yarder).

Vick threw for 311 yards and two touchdowns but didn't exactly need Jackson -- no, he did enough damage when going to Jeremy Maclin, who had a 74-yard touchdown reception to complement 135 total yards.

The statistics might be a little misleading, but when gauging the amount of speed and talent that the Eagles have on board, Sunday's defensive showing from the Lions wasn't all that bad.

Safety Louis Delmas made his return to the field and played a significant role in Detroit's victory. Delmas picked off a pass (so did Chris Houston) and hassled receivers with great tenacity.

Detroit needs effort like Delmas' from everyone. He's a spark plug, and if he can't get the Lions defense rollling, no one can.

"(Delmas' return) It was very big because he's the energy," Houston told's Anwar Richardson. "I don't know. He's got that thing like Ray Lewis to the Ravens defense. Like (Brian) Dawkins (former Eagles safety) when he was at Philly. When he's out there making plays, other players feed off of that. It was very big to have him out there."

True to form, Delmas made a comment that was entertaining and colorful when referencing his first game back. It was indeed a gem -- a reference to his hometown and coming through when under pressure. 

"Luckily I'm from Miami. I came out the womb with live bullets," Delmas said. "You can never be prepared for something like that. I just adjusted to it. I haven't played in three months, but I went out there and did the best I can."

By the sound of it, Delmas is ready to get back to business after having a respectable season in 2011. That was what he meant with his "live bullets" comment, right?

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