Curses exist and Ndamukong Suh is a fierce competitor without a dirty bone in his body.


If that makes you feel better about the Detroit Lions, then, by all means, please believe the previous statement.

However, if you subscribe to the idea that Calvin Johnson's injury-related problems are just part of the game and nothing to do with a video game cover appearance, and that Suh is simply misunderstood -- and not one of his whopping 13 tackles this season have come across as "dirty" -- then consider yourself a realist.

And realists don't blame the Lions (4-4) being in last place in the NFC North standings due to silly coincidences or EA Sports myths.

Now that we have that covered, let's address the important topics:

Johnson's nerves (and knees, can't forget the knees)

Megatron suffered an injury, courtesy of Chad Greenway, when playing the Minnesota Vikings -- who play Detroit this Sunday -- in September. He can't properly grip the ball, and has had trouble since last meeting Minnesota.

"Actually had some nerve damage," Johnson told ESPN. "Taking those hits, man, they're real violent. They definitely have a lot of lingering impact. ... Stuff shooting down your arms and stuff like that."

Johnson hasn't practiced this week due to lingering knee issues, and he's been somewhat of a disappointment to fantasy owners and other important people, like USA Today columnists who call him a "$132 million bust."

But Johnson is working on getting back to his previous tip-top shape and start catching balls, not to mention getting on the fast track to the Land of More Than 34 Receiving Yards. He also has a touchdown; he had 10 at this juncture last season.

Food. For. Thought.

Dirty Suh

Who cares?

Haven't we already heard enough about how dirty Suh is? Haven't we heard about his run-ins while supposedly bribing former passengers in his car to shut up about accidents in Portland, Ore.?

No one cares. And yes, we've heard enough. But it's fun to entertain the idea of just how hated Suh really is. Being voted the dirtiest player in the league is basically equivalent to being slapped with the "nobody likes me" tag.

Maybe we'd be more inclined to believe that Suh is such a horrible peer if he had more than 13 tackles this year, none of which could be remotely compared to last year's (or in 2010) as "dirty." None that come to mind, anyhow.

He earned the label last year, but Suh has been a quiet daisy this fall for one reason or another. His reputation helped him claim the dubious honor, because it definitely wasn't his play through eight games that suggested he's fierce and diabolical.

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