I'm not sure of the scenario because I wasn't there -- but I can imagine an "all rise" command being given when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell entered the Detroit Lions practice Thursday in Allen Park.

Goodell, the most-loved man in the league, wasn't in Metro Detroit to congratulate the Lions on a well-played 2011 season. He was there to give them a verbal tongue-lashing, comparable to being bent over your dad or grandfather's knee after getting in trouble -- or some other type of good, old-fashioned discipline. 

Goodell let the Lions know that he was disappointed in the conduct of a few players who tallied seven arrests during the offseason. Aaron Berry, Nick Fairley, Johnny Culbreath, Mikel Leshoure and Ndamukong Suh each had run-ins with the law, to varying degrees.

Here comes the spanking...

"You're an NFL player," Goodell told Detroit players, according to MLive.com's Anwar Richardson. "You have to conduct yourself in a certain way and hold yourself to that standard. We're going to expect that, and the club is going to expect that."

Goodell went on to tell the Lions that they've been bad boys, and let it be known that he was displeased to hear about their off-field antics. 

"I think you're disappointed when you hear any of that, because again, it reflects poorly on themselves first, all players, and the NFL in general," Goodell said. "Our fans don't want to see that, so we all have an obligation to our fans to hold up that standard.

"We're very clear with our players, our coaches, our executives, that it's all part of being part of the NFL. Being part of the NFL is really a privilege, not a right."

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