The Detroit Lions have been the victim of cheap shots from the media for most of the season; that's not to say the jabs haven't been warranted for the most part, though. 

However, when the nameless chatter comes from within, and not from, say, an anonymous general manager from another team, then it becomes a massive problem that has to be swiftly handled by Lions management. 

For some reason, a Lions player thought it would be wise to tell Yahoo! Sports that Ndamukong Suh has problems focusing on winning games and being disciplined. That hurts, especially if the verbal lashing comes courtesy of a high-brow player.

For now, that player is nameless, therefore making him a coward. Stand behind your words, good or bad, whoever you are.

"Yeah, we're loaded," the player said, exhaling after Detroit (4-8) lost its fourth consecutive game and third by four points or less. "But we have a couple of guys who don't understand what it takes to win. Just making a couple of plays and thinking that makes you great … sometimes you want to just shake some of these guys and say, 'Don't you get it?' "

Anybody in particular?

"Ndamukong [Suh] would be first."

Suh, for all intents and purposes, is a dirty player. That's not really up for debate. His frequent accidents are almost always caught on tape; it has to be difficult coming up with new excuses every other week explaining how and why these types of mishaps happen.

Suh deserves a bit of criticism. No harm in that -- but only if comes from someone with a set, someone who will defend and own their comments.

Detroit's problems are deeper than a 4-8 record and reckless geniuses like Titus Young, Aaron Berry (formerly of the Lions) and other clowns who just can't follow simple rules of conduct. It's plain to see that organizational structure and personnel matters have to be addressed after this pathetic season draws to a close.

But until then, it's best for players to keep their mouths shut if they can't back up statements.

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