If your ears are easily offended by coarse language, I suggest that you refrain from listening to the above video of Philadelphia rapper Sandman, a former member of the Re-Up Gang (along with Virginia-based legends, the Clipse).

Typically, I don't mix entertainment with sports. I leave that to other guys. However, I'm a huge hip-hop fan -- not mindless rap junk, just the lyrical stuff that guys (and girls) my age and older remember.

Sandman's "Anchor" uses a sample of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury's voice -- a snippet from "We Will Rock You." A little chorus of "in the streets, gonna be a big man some day," was used to praise those who make things happen. 

Now that I've sufficiently explained all of that, I'll explain this: The song would be a perfect theme song for Detroit Lions superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson, the "anchor" of the Lions receiving corps.

The song talks about holding (stuff) down -- and Johnson does that. He also pulls (stuff) down and makes defensive backs fall down. MegaTron raked in a league-high 1,681 receiving yards in 2011 to go with 16 touchdowns and 96 receptions.

Yup. That's "anchor" material.

Any way, I figured some Lions fans -- and MegaTron fans -- would appreciate Sandman's well-written tribute to those who "hold (stuff) down."

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