Lions and Falcons Go Head To Head This Sunday



The Atlanta Falcons silenced many critics this past Sunday who said they were not an elite team when they dominated the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants 34-0.  This was a major statement made by a team that wants to be looked at as the best around by all clubs and players.  They will have a tough matchup this coming Sunday when they take on a Detroit Lions team that, while not in the hunt for the playoffs, wants to finish strong and possibly play spoiler to many teams in the NFC.

When it comes to game plans the Atlanta Falcons need to try this coming week, they should certainly just stick with what they have been doing.  Creating a solid run in the beginning of the game to set up play action plays down the field in the later halfs has led the team to monster wins over some of the best franchises in the league.  While the Lions are having a terrible season, they do have the tools to get big wins, so the Falcons would be wise to continue playing as if they are in the Super Bowl.  With a quarterback like Matthew Stafford and a wide out like Calvin Johnson to worry about, the Falcons defense will surely have their hands full this coming week.  Luckily for the Falcons, they have one of the most solid offenses in the league and can hang with the best of them as it pertains to scoring points.

With the NFL odds putting the Lions at a 3.5 handicap on the game, the Falcons will need to work especially hard to cover the points spread this coming week in Detroit.  They have all the tools to do it, however, so taking them as one of your picks on the day may be a very good idea in the long run.