Detroit Lions Look To Come Out Swinging Against Titans


This past Sunday Night was rough for an optimistic Detroit Lions team, losing to a seemingly unbeatable San Fransisco 49ers.  They had trouble getting the ball moving and their defense was little match for a Niners Alex Smith lead offense.  The Lions will need to fix these mistakes if they wish to cover the NFL odds and they -3 they need against a Tennessee Titans team that is also faltering.

Matthew Stafford has not been playing up to the level we know him for in the first two games of the season.  He threw for just 230 yards and a touchdown Sunday night and had an interception in the process.  This is nothing like the spectacular 2011 season he enjoyed.  He has been spreading the ball around, but seems to forget the fact that he has the best wide receiver in the game at his disposal in Calvin Johnson.  If Calvin can create opportunities for Stafford down the field this Sunday, we could see a blowout of epic proportions.  They need to get on the same page, however, as does the Lions defense.

Ndamukong Suh must get his defense in shape if Detroit wants to have a chance to make the playoffs.  They should be able to keep a team like the Titans at bay, but need to get things straight heading into division games against the Packers and Bears.  The Suh lead defense has allowed over 50 points already this season and does not look to be letting up on the scoring anytime soon.  They will need to fix problems in their secondary if they want to be a contender on Sunday as well as going forward into the playoffs.

If the Detroit Lions wish to get back on track this Sunday, they need to fix some key problems with their organization.  Of those problems, Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson getting on the same page as well as Ndamukong Suh getting the defense in shape are the things to fix immediately.