Well, the Titus Young saga keeps getting weirder and weirder.

According to Dominic Raiola, Young has been an "asshole" lately. That's probably why Young was sent home prior to the Detroit Lions' 34-31 Thanksgiving loss to the Houston Texans at Ford Field in Detroit.

In just his second year in the NFL (and with the Lions), Young seems to be in deep -- well, he's not behaving himself, let's put it that way.

From WJRT-TV12's Ryan Slocum (ABC Flint):

Dominic Raiola to Chris McCosky on Titus Young: "We've moved on from him. He wants to be an a-hole, let him be an a-hole. It's not my problem."... Wow! I was there talked to Titus he had two and three word answers we will show it to you on ABC 12 today. Sorry about the language but that's a quote that needs to be seen to tell the story

This post from the National Football Post essentially says the same thing.

Bleacher Report's Jesse Reed isn't impressed with Young's actions, calling his behavior a "new low" for NFL players. Well said, Reed. Well said.

What are the chances Raiola comes out with a gem like this (not a real quote, obviously): "Hey, Titus. Don't let it hit ya where he split ya."

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