Titus Young probably surprised a lot of Detroit Lions fans in 2011.

Now in his second year with Detroit, the former Boise State star could transform into one of the most-dangerous weapons within an already-dangerous offense. Six touchdowns, 48 receptions and 607 yards constitute a pretty good debut.


Young told Detroit Lions.com that he doesn't want to get complacent. He's hungry. Lions followers have to love that.

"I was actually looking at film the other day and I don’t really like (how I played as a rookie),” Young said. “I thought that I was better than (what I showed).

“When I look back at it now it just makes me want to work even harder because, when we turn on film from the teams we played before and we show the other rookies and other receivers on film, I kind of want them to turn it off because it’s just not as polished as I want it to be. It’s just a lesson learned that there’s always room to improve.”

Young could challenge Nate Burleson for the No. 2 spot. That's a thought former Lions wide receiver Herman Moore entertained during a recent interview. And I'd have to agree.

The second-year receiver had a sensational rookie season in 2011. And to think, he didn't attend OTAs -- no one did due to the strike -- and he wasn't in training camp. A bum hamstring took him out of the mix early. He could have limped around and milked his injury -- but Young really showed that big things do come out of Boise State.

He was a trooper, for lack of a better term.


Now that quarterback Matt Stafford is more comfortable with Young, it wouldn't be a shock to see him get somewhere in the range of 65 catches. Sounds like a lot, sure. But think about it -- if he does take Burleson's spot, 65 catches would be attainable. Burleson had 73 in 2011. Young could approach that mark with relative ease, despite 65 grabs being about a 30-percent increase from 2011's production. 

A 65-catch, 800-yard season might not be out of reach for Young. But let's say he hauls in 60 for 700, just to be on the safe side.

We'll have to wait and see. But don't sleep on Young -- don't sleep on Burleson, either. Those two will be great counterattacks when Calvin Johnson is double- and tripled-teamed... and octo-teamed.

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